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Job Type: Full-Time
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Education: High School

Nicole Behrens
Phone 1: 641-664-3202
Optimae LifeServices
Optimae LifeServices
Bloomfield, IA 52537

· Must be at least 18 years of age. · High school diploma or equivalent is preferred, but not required. · Previous housekeeping work experience is preferred, but not required. · In-service education participation is required. · Some laundry and commercial sewing experience is desirable. · Must have the following knowledge, skills and abilities: · An interest in working with the elderly and handicapped. · Be able to read, write, and follow written and oral instructions in English. · Be able to lift loads of linen and push large linen carts. · Be able to life and carry furniture. · Be able to work holidays, weekends, and all shifts as scheduled.


Optimae LifeServices - Davis Center is seeking a full-time Laundry/Housekeeping Aide. The Laundry/Housekeeping Aide is required to perform the task of washing, drying, repairing, distributing, and sorting laundry and linens used in the facility, which includes daily washing chores and daily repairing chores. This position is also responsible for housekeeping and cleaning functions within the facility. The Laundry/Housekeeping Aide will work in an assigned area in and around patient care areas and in the common areas of the facility. Work will be on a routine basis as well as on an as-needed basis in the event of the necessity for immediate cleaning of any area. Duties include: · Report to work when scheduled. · Carry out and follow all facility personnel policies. · Perform and satisfactorily complete all daily assignments. · Remain on the assigned unit, leaving only for break, lunch, or with the express permission of the supervisor. · Notify the charge nurse of any change in a resident's condition. · Participate in all in-service training and meetings as required. · Follow department safety rules. · Wear proper uniform as required. · Follow room and area cleaning procedures. · Monitor the buildings for accidents, spills and odor problems and keep them controlled. · Follow the monthly cleaning schedule. · Maintain areas above 80% average on quality controls. · Follow special procedures for cleaning isolation rooms. · When completed with assigned areas, report to the supervisor for project assignments. · Provide excellent service by delivering accurately and in the proper amounts. · Keep the laundry area tidy and clean according to procedures. · Wash hands frequently and always between handling dirty and clean laundry. · Follow special procedures for handling contaminated linen. · Sort and clean all laundries in accordance with standard procedures. · Inspect and repair damaged linens, towels, or other items which are routinely laundered. · Pretreat fabrics as necessary. · Assist with resident transports for scheduled appointments and outings when applicable. · Perform all other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

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Davis Center is a small (32 bed) NF/MI located in Bloomfield.

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