Utility Rates

Estimated Average Cost of Natural Gas in Wapello County, IA

$/Mcf as of December 31, 2018







These prices are based on 2017 sales and revenues in MidAmerican’s Iowa east service territory. These prices include the cost of gas (PGA) which fluctuates throughout the year. These PGA costs, which MidAmerican does not control, are passed without mark-up directly to the customer. A customer’s actual cost will vary from the prices shown based on their usage and fluctuations in the PGA.

Note: Average prices calculated on 1/7/19 using 2017 IG-1 data

Estimated Average Cost of Electricity in Wapello County, IA $/kWh
Residential $  0.1683
General Service $  0.1522 *
Large General Service $  0.0835 *


*See tariff’s as there could be a tariff option that benefits your company’s energy usage pattern.