Small Business Saturday - Let’s encourage our small business community!

Small Business Saturday - Let’s encourage our small business community! Main Photo

23 Nov 2022


Many favorite shopping memories are made when visiting a small business in a downtown setting. There is something special about shopping at a local store where the owners greet you by name, swap stories with you, and ask you how your family is doing. You will undoubtedly experience this type of friendly atmosphere in Iowa. This Small Business Saturday, the team at Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress, Inc. would like to thank all of the small businesses in Ottumwa for the positive impact they have on our lives – during the holidays and all year long! 

Recognizing Local Businesses this Small Business Saturday

American Express created Small Business Saturday in 2010. The celebration takes place each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and has been cosponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) since 2011. It is a reminder to show appreciation to local shops and restaurants and to encourage shopping small throughout the holiday season. It is also an excuse to visit them to see what they have to offer.

Shopping small in Ottumwa positively impacts our local economy and the U.S. economy. In the last 25 years, small businesses have created over 60 percent of new jobs, just one of the many important reasons to direct holiday spending toward small businesses.

In November of 2021, American Express reported that the results of a study found consumers shopping small during the holidays that year could likely contribute approximately $695B to the national small business economy. According to the study, 78 percent of small businesses noted that 2021 holiday sales would keep their business up and running in 2022. 

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) reported that the support small businesses receive on Small Business Saturday helps them to start the holiday season strong. 92 percent of small businesses said that Small Business Saturday helps attract attention to their business throughout the holidays and 96 percent of Small Business Saturday shoppers said that this day gives them a thirst for shopping small more often. 

The season for discounts and promotions

Local businesses tend to offer specials and discounts this time of year to add some excitement to holiday shopping. Some shops will even have extended hours during the holidays and on Small Business Saturday. Some businesses also hold events on Small Business Saturday.

How to Support Ottumwa Businesses

Shopping small can be as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee from a nearby cafe in Ottumwa.  Whether you are getting a bite to eat at a family-owned restaurant or buying a gift for your friend at a mom-and-pop shop, you are helping to support small businesses and build the national and local economies. Go the extra mile and give these independent retailers a satisfactory review online and share your interest on social media.  

Small businesses bring character to Iowa, generate new jobs, strengthen the economy, and make for unique little adventures with friends and family. Join us in buying in-store and online from local independent retailers on November 26th  this year! 

Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress is dedicated to helping the communities of Ottumwa and all local businesses and industries succeed. We make it easier to do business in the South-east region of Iowa, and, by providing hands-on information, support, and site selection assistance GOPIP  helps firms to open their first location or expand their current one, without the red tape. 

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