A Treasure is Lost

26 Mar 2021

brendaAfter 16 years as the face of the Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce and Partners in Progress, Brenda Sieren succumbed to her year-long battle with cancer March 25. “We’ve lost a treasure, there is no replacing someone as gifted as Brenda. We know everyone is grieving with us” says Shea Greiner, GOPIP VP of Engagement.

We’ll miss her as a friend- she never met a stranger and made everyone around her happier in some way. Her collection of various office keys was astonishing, her cheesy potatoes were the best at potlucks in the office, and her love and pride of family was heartfelt.

We’ll miss her as a colleague- Brenda had a command of the institutional history of this organization. She could tell you who, what, when, where, and why about any subject.  Which earned her the moniker “our encyclopedia”. There’s not a detail she didn’t know the answer to, no event she couldn’t manage.

Her first day, April 1, 2005 was no joke. In fact, she often laughed that it was her lucky day. Lucky for us as well. Her friendliness and enthusiasm were infectious, and she made every member feel special.

Brenda, you have created a hole in our hearts that will never mend. God is certainly holding you in the palms of his hands.