O! I didn't know that!

1 Apr 2022

GOPIP is introducing a new feature to its monthly newsletter that will incorporate a wide variety of topics- from fun facts, to interviews, to timely news- into a segment called O! I didn't know that! This inaugural month starts on the light side, with some trivia that may challenge you.  

And please, if you have an idea for this column, feel free to send it to sstroh@ottumwaiowa.com


1. The second largest bird in North America migrates thru Ottumwa in late spring- what is it? - American White Pelican

2. Built in 1890, this exposition hall bears the name of the material it’s made of- The Coal Palace

3. In the early 1980’s the Ottumwa YMCA hosted a local team that went on to compete and WIN a national championship in what sport? Hoover Ball; Officially, in Hoover Ball, the medicine ball weighs about 6 lbs and is thrown over an 8 ft vollyball-type net. The game is scored like tennis. The ball is caught and then thrown back. The national championships are still played to this day in August of every year in West Branch, Iowa.