What Communities Can Do to Grow their Workforce

What Communities Can Do to Grow their Workforce Main Photo

13 Oct 2022


Workforce attraction has become critical from a business and community perspective. As the unemployment rate continues to drop, fewer people are in the market for a position, making it necessary to do more than simply post a job opening. Now, communities and businesses must demonstrate how a worker will benefit from locating in their community and accepting that job. 

Here is what communities can do to help businesses attract their workforce:

#1 Build a culture

People want to know that they are going somewhere that will feel like home. This requires building a culture and a sense of place that people can relate to. Community events, volunteerism campaigns, community organizations, and family-friendly activities all tell a story. They tell a story about the culture of a community. Community leaders and stakeholders should do an audit of these events, organizations, and activities to determine what they say about a community’s culture and if more activities should be planned around any given aspect of it. For example, if a community wants to have a family-friendly culture, there need to be events throughout the year for young families, service organizations that cater to them, and groups in place to support them.

#2 Focus on quality of life

Quality of life initiatives are important for communities trying to expand their workforce. These initiatives can range from simple things like installing play equipment in local parks to major undertakings like building out bike trails for those who are athletically minded. The key is to identify what will make the biggest impact, create a plan, and begin working toward its implementation. 

#3 Tell a story

What is life like in your community? The best way for someone to find out is for people who already live there to tell their story. Through blogs, videos, and social posts, individuals and families can talk about their lives and what makes them so enjoyable. By sharing different perspectives and personal stories, others can begin to imagine what their life would be like if they moved to your area. 

Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress is Working to Attract Workers to Our Community

We invite you to join us in creating a cohesive culture, improving quality of life, and telling our story. This is an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. Now, it’s time to spread the word. 

Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress

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