Sustainability as a Cornerstone: How Plastipak's Commitment Drives Economic Development

Sustainability as a Cornerstone: How Plastipak's Commitment Drives Economic Development Main Photo

9 Jun 2023


Plastipak, a company with operations in Ottumwa, Iowa, has established itself as a global leader in packaging and recycling since its inception in 1967. Initially providing packaging for a water delivery company, Plastipak has grown exponentially over the past five decades, with over 60 sites across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its unwavering commitment to sustainability and active involvement in economic development is central to the company's success.

Plastipak has integrated sustainability practices into all aspects of its operations. With the establishment of Clean Tech, its recycling affiliate, in 1989, the company took a proactive step towards reducing waste and reusing plastics. Today, Plastipak recycles an astounding 10 billion bottles annually, giving these materials a second life in its packaging solutions. This dedication to sustainability has reduced the company's carbon footprint and positioned Plastipak as a pioneer in providing sustainable packaging options to its customers.

Fostering a loyal and motivated workforce

The company's expansion into different regions worldwide has significantly impacted its economic growth and market presence. Molly Cassens, Talent Manager at Plastipak, Ottumwa, says, “By serving our clients in essential industries across the globe, Plastipak has been able to weather hard times. When other companies are laying off thousands of employees, we’re hiring. Even during difficult times, we’re proud to continue offering competitive pay and great benefits to our associates around the world.” This commitment fosters a loyal and motivated workforce and contributes to the economic development of the regions where Plastipak operates.

Adopting environment-friendly practices for a sustainable future

In Ottumwa, Iowa, Plastipak has implemented specific measures to enhance economic development and create a sustainable business model. Beyond offering safe and well-paying manufacturing jobs to the local community, the company actively engages in community events and supports local non-profit organizations. By participating in these activities, Plastipak strengthens its ties with the Ottumwa community and contributes to the overall well-being and growth of the region.

Furthermore, Plastipak is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reusing recycled plastic in its packaging operations in Ottumwa. By implementing environmentally-friendly practices, the company ensures its operations align with its sustainability goals while setting an example for other regional businesses.

Plastipak: Dedicated to the Ottumwa community

Plastipak's partnership with Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress demonstrates its commitment to the economic growth of the Ottumwa community. As an investor in this organization, Plastipak actively supports initiatives to attract new businesses, create job opportunities, and foster a thriving business environment in Ottumwa. Cassens states, “While we’re proud to offer safe, well-paying manufacturing jobs to Iowans, our work doesn’t stop there. We’re also committed to improving the communities we call home, like Ottumwa”. 

Plastipak's journey from a small packaging provider to a global leader in packaging and recycling is a testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainability. By integrating sustainable practices into its operations, expanding into different regions, and actively participating in economic development initiatives, Plastipak has solidified its market position and contributed to the growth and well-being of the communities it operates in. 

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