Unveiling Ottumwa's Digital Visionary: “Revitalizing GOPIP's Image is My Goal!”

Unveiling Ottumwa's Digital Visionary: “Revitalizing GOPIP's Image is My Goal!” Main Photo

7 Sep 2023


Jason Bolinger has been newly appointed as a Digital Media Specialist for Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress (GOPIP). Bolinger's dynamic background, a symphony of artistic endeavors and digital prowess, promises to amplify GOPIP's role in driving economic development and nurturing community growth. “Digital media is a powerful tool for encouraging dialogue and involvement among Ottumwa residents. I will establish a strong online presence and use a multi-faceted approach to drive engagement”, says Bolinger.

Bolinger's digital canvas encompasses a multifaceted job description that seamlessly interweaves various skills. As the Digital Media Specialist, Bolinger is tasked with crafting a positive public image for GOPIP and delving into the realms of digital marketing, area publications, event coverage, and the design of promotional materials. Beyond these responsibilities, Bolinger is responsible for cultivating GOPIP's internet presence, which includes managing social media platforms, photography, videography, and web scheduling. With a rich background in various creative domains, Bolinger is poised to infuse GOPIP's digital presence with innovation, storytelling, and community engagement.

Bolinger's journey into Ottumwa's digital landscape commenced as the Social Media Specialist for Main Street Ottumwa, a role he continues to embrace part-time. Bolinger's eclectic journey includes:

  • Over 25 years as a musician and filmmaker.
  • Nearly 15 years as a podcaster.
  • Thirteen years as the film festival director.
  • A passionate pursuit of vintage Transformers toys.

This mosaic of experiences and passions promises to infuse GOPIP's digital endeavors with a rich tapestry of creativity.

In a recent interview, Bolinger's insights shine a light on his vision and strategies:

Leveraging Digital Platforms for Impact

Bolinger envisions a multi-dimensional strategy highlighting GOPIP's role in economic development. He plans to create engaging videos, informative blog posts, and captivating infographics to showcase GOPIP's achievements. Social media platforms will be harnessed to share project updates, success stories, and insights into the economic benefits GOPIP brings. Bolinger's commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging digital platforms ensures GOPIP's message remains relevant and resonant.

Collaborating with Community

Collaboration stands at the heart of Bolinger's approach. By involving Ottumwa's community members, businesses, and stakeholders in content creation, Bolinger aims to humanize GOPIP's initiatives. Through behind-the-scenes glimpses, interviews, and testimonials, Bolinger intends to create a sense of ownership and shared pride, forging a deeper connection between GOPIP's work and Ottumwa's residents.

Adapting in the Digital Age

Bolinger's vision for GOPIP's digital presence is anchored in adaptability and innovation. He emphasizes staying informed about industry trends and technological advancements. Conferences and workshops are crucial touchpoints to explore best practices, while experimentation with new media formats and platforms enables GOPIP to reach diverse demographics effectively. Bolinger recognizes the importance of local input in tailoring GOPIP's efforts to Ottumwa's evolving business landscape.

Empowering Community Dialogue

Bolinger believes digital media is a conduit for community engagement. His strategy involves establishing interactive features like comment sections, surveys, and podcasts featuring local leaders. By responding to social media interactions, Bolinger aims to create a space where residents feel valued and empowered to shape Ottumwa's future. “We aim to create a sense of ownership and shared pride in Ottumwa's progress by involving the community in our digital media efforts,” says Bolinger.

Metrics as a North Star

Bolinger's focus on data-driven decision-making is evident in his approach to metrics and analytics. Tracking key performance indicators such as website traffic, social media engagement, and audience reach, he plans to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns. Bolinger's commitment to continuously analyze these metrics ensures GOPIP's strategies evolve to maximize impact and resonate with the community.

Jason Bolinger's arrival heralds a new era of digital innovation for GOPIP. With a proven track record of artistic prowess and a forward-thinking digital mindset, Bolinger's role as a Digital Media Specialist promises to enhance GOPIP's presence, invigorate community engagement, and shape the narrative of Ottumwa's economic growth and progress. “I aim to create a sense of ownership and shared pride in Ottumwa's progress,” says Bolinger, and as he sets out to harmoniously combine his diverse experiences into the digital realm, Ottumwa's journey toward prosperity is poised to flourish.